Lymphatic Health


The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is the most powerful system in your body. It’s the clear liquid that surrounds the cells of your body. (on anatomy photos, it’s usually depicted green in color). Your entire body is bathed in lymph, except for cartilage, nails, and hair. The lymph system is intimately linked with the subjective state of the patient. (Meaning, how you feel day to day, even when your doctor is telling you there is nothing wrong or that nothing else can be done for your complaint).

The defense system is part of the immune system, and along with homeostasis, it helps to maintain the correct environment in which all cells can thrive. When there is balance in your body, you are able to fight disease and heal from injuries. When the lymphatic fluid backs up because of a blockage, pressure builds in the lymph capillary of the cell bed resulting in the whole system becoming toxic due to a lack of waste disposal. This toxicity prevents the cells from getting the necessary nutrients. Under these conditions, the cells lose metabolic efficiency and fail to do their job. If enough cells are in this state, degenerative conditions are free to develop and sometimes fail to respond to treatment. (Have a nagging knee or shoulder injury that will not respond to treatment?)
Detoxification is a vital part of any healing process because it re-establishes free lymphatic circulation throughout the body. Only a detoxified body has power, resistance, and a potential for healing. Most lymphatic detoxification treatments have serious limitations and are usually temporary in their effects.

However, using cold gas ionization produced by the LBG, lymphatic therapy becomes a powerful and viable alternative. With the LBG, lymphatic congestion and blockages are charged with incoherent light (varying wavelengths), which breaks up the congestion by allowing molecules to repel each other. Therefore, trapped blood protein clusters are broken up and unobstructed lymphatic flow is reestablished. Clearing the lymphatic system significantly enhances the efficiency of the body to deal with pathological conditions.

Cold gas ionization lymphatic therapy enhances healing. By restoring the proper function of the lymphatic system in combination with other treatment procedures (chiropractic adjustments, nutritional supplements, healthy diet, and lifestyle), the body’s natural healing abilities can be greatly enhanced. In addition, the use of the LBG is preventive health maintenance and an ongoing health program cannot be overemphasized.

In summary: It’s quite common to have a lymphatic blockage problem. If you’ve ever wondered why your chronic pain issues do not get better despite all your treatment efforts and medications it is most likely related to lymphatics. If the body can’t rid of cellular waste during the healing process, the inflammation simply stays in the tissues causing pain. If it can’t get out of the body, you can’t get better

This unit also has an Infrared Component which is indicated for use in immediate pain relief, reducing swelling and inflammation, accelerating wound healing, decreasing scar tissue, enhances cellular functions, and increases lymphatic activity.

Some of the conditions that are signs of lymphatic congestion include:

  • Acne (a slight worsening may occur at first)

  • Tissue congestion from injuries

  • Chronic injuries

  • Eczema

  • Burns

  • Scars

  • Cellulite

  • Swollen, heavy, or fatigued legs

  • Mastodynia (breast tension in women after ovulation)

  • Prostate enlargement

  • Pre-and-post-surgical treatment

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Lupus

  • Pain (especially as it involves soft tissue)

  • P.M.S. and inflammation

  • Intestinal syndromes

  • Diabetes

  • Arthritis, bursitis, and other conditions where inflammation is involved

  • Swelling or bruising with edema


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